Faith * Hope * Love

Raine Marie
14 February 1983
Parlin, New Jersey, United States
Sayreville War Memorial High School - Parlin NJ (1997 - 2001)
Immaculata University - Immaculata PA (2001 - 2005)
New York Law School - New York NY (2005 - 2008)
Interests: (80)
80s music, 90210, aerosmith, agatha christie, bon jovi, brand new, buffy the vampire slayer, cars, central jersey, charles dickens, chocolate, christian slater, clothes, cross-stitching, csi, dancing, days of our lives, decorating, diagnosis murder, digital cameras, dreaming, driving, english, english majors, forensic files, friendship, guys, halloween, hearts, horror movies, ice cream, icons, immaculata university, italian food, jersey girl, jersey shore, law, law & order, law school, law student, literature, monopoly, motorcycles, movies, mysteries, new york yankees, nj, nkotb, orange soda, philosophy, photos, pictures, pink lemonade, presbyterian, reading, sayreville, scrapbooking, sewing, shakespeare, shopping, six flags, sleeping, streetlight manifesto, strike 4, stuffed animals, surveys, talking, tattoos., teddy bears, the color red, the lost boys, the mall, the nutcracker, theater of the absurd, thursday, trutv, tv, volkswagen cabrios, volleyball, writing
I grew up in small town suburbia, the hometown of Jon Bon Jovi. Made my way to the suburbs of Philly and attended a private Catholic woman's college where I studied literature. Found my way to NYC and attended law school in Manhattan for 3 years while living in Brooklyn. Now I'm back in the NJ suburbs for a few months before beginning my career in the USAF JAG Corps.